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Buddy icons etc.


Here you can get Porkhead Buddy Icons and even a banner link!

Just Right-click on the pic. of your choice and choose save picture as.....

Whether you don't have enough Porkhead in your life already or maybe you want to share Porkhead with your family, freinds  or your site's visitors,whether you have any or not, you have come to the right place.
 So if one of your main goals in life is to spread the word of Porkhead, also known by many as the greatest, most disgusting, most "edgy" comic in the world (well besides that nasty hentai shit) then be our guest. We'd like to help you out a little bit by giving you the crap on this page. Did I say crap!? I mean quality artwork that should be apprciated and distributed by many.

Buddy Icons







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