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Hello and welcome to  official site of everybody's favorite 1/2 pig and 1/2 stick figure, that's right the one, the only Pork Head!!. On this site you will get to read all the Pork Head Comics right from your computer. So sit back relax and enjoy Pork Head and his freinds' wacky adventures!

Hello again, I added 2 more comics to the site. Some of you may have noticed the shitty quality of these new comics, this is because of the format I have to save them in to upload them on this shitty host. Sorry to all the fans, but whats gotta be done has to be done.
!!!!WARNING: Some material might not be appropriate for small children or anyone who is easily offended!!!!


All Pork Head Images are protected from image stealers but for some  images u can use and take, including Buddy Icons and even a banner for you to link your site to us go to Buddy icons etc.

I'm a real person to you know, if you want to share with me all the love you have for my comics or just want to chat, contact me, using the AIM remote i have provided....

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